The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has recently completed an electoral review of the London Borough of Bromley ward arrangements.  As a result of the review, there have been alterations to the current ward boundaries, which come into effect from the upcoming local elections in May. These affect the ward of Penge and Cator in the following ways:

Moving into Clock House Ward – roads from Barnmead road onwards to the other side of the road from Clock Station (Including Chaffinch Road, Thayers Farm Road and Rowden Road)

Coming into Penge and Cator Ward– roads falling within the Lawrie Park Triangle and Crystal Palace Park Road (but not the park itself)

Any residents living in roads that will change ward will receive letters informing them of this.

As a result of Lawrie Park Road becoming part of Penge and Cator, we are delighted to have St. Christopher’s Hospice, which helps so many people in Penge, officially now within our ward.

Parliamentary boundaries are also being reviewed, but no final proposals have been made and these are not changing at the same time- we do not yet know whether the next General Election Penge and Cator will stay as it is or be changed under the new boundaries.

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