Since our last newsletter in December, we have seen London and the country enter into tier 4, Christmas bubbles cancelled and now a new national lockdown to start off 2021- as always, we encourage residents to follow the Government’s restrictions and do what we all can to reduce the risk of infecting others at a time when our local hospitals are struggling.

We are very concerned that having struggled through the winter, many of our local businesses have faced a longer period of forcing to stay shut and many residents have seen extended periods furloughed or out of work completely.

We are hopeful that we will see additional support from the Government beyond what has already been announced, businesses and self-employed people can find information on whether they are eligible for a grant and how to apply here:

We are also hoping that Bromley Council will also take more action to support businesses and people who are struggling. Some help is already available- the council has a hardship fund to assist those on low or no income unable to pay council tax. (along with a council tax support scheme that can see council tax bills cut by 75%) To apply you need to first contact

If you have had any problems or would like support applying, please get in touch as we are happy to offer help.

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