We were saddened and shocked to hear of the potential closure of the Rachel Notley Mind Centre, which is our local dementia centre. While we have been concerned that Bromley Council’s lack of support for the centre and other day centres in the borough was putting them at risk, we had not had any notice from the Council that closure was being considered.

We, along with local MP Ellie Reeves, have all heard from many carers and families of users how important the respite and services the centre provides are how what a major blow this and other centres closing would be for residents with mental health and dementia issues, particularly following the recent closure of the Bertha James Centre.

Our Group leader Angela Wilkins asked for an urgent meeting of the Council’s Adult Care committee to receive information on the possible closure and what action the council was taking to protect this and other services- this request was turned down by the Conservative committee chair.

As an alternative, we and Ellie Reeves have been engaging with BLG Mind directly and arranged an online meeting for the Head of Service and CEO to provide carers and families with an update and answer questions on how the services the centre provides can be continued in some way. From discussions so far we very much hope it is possible to protect the day centre’s services and that, when the pandemic passes, the centre could reopen again in the future. We will also be raising this issue with the Council’s Adult Care committee, to seek assurances on the support Bromley Council will provide.

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