We know that many residents with children at primary schools around Penge are concerned about the introduction of so called ‘ feeder schools’ in the borough, proposed by academy trusts. These have the dual effect of reducing catchment areas and causing harm to primary schools outside of such trusts, of which Penge has some, to receive less applications and therefore receiving less funding. It also would mean parents likely having less choice of schools, as more spaces will be reserved for certain primary schools.

Bromley council issued a statement opposing academy trusts using feeder schools, but while we have been warning this would happen for years, because Bromley’s Conservatives were over-eager to convert schools to academies (Bromley has the highest proportion of schools being academies in the whole country ) the council has very little ability to prevent feeder schools being introduced across the borough.

One Academy chain (Langley Park learning trust) has decided, following campaigning by residents and Councillors, not to designate any of its primaries as feeder schools. We hope this means other academies will follow but will continue to monitor the situation and work with residents to campaign against the introduction of feeder schools by other Academy chains.

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