Residents who use Trinity Medical Centre on Croydon Road (which has served the local community of Penge and Anerley for over three decades) have just been notified that the surgery will close over the next few months, despite efforts of Councillors, the NHS, residents and our MP Ellie Reeves to find a way to keep it open.

The building is privately owned and leased to the NHS for use as a GP surgery. The owners decided to sell it and, despite efforts by the NHS to find another location, there is nowhere they could find locally for Trinity to be re-located to so that it could continue to run.

 The Clinical Commissioning Group (who source GP services for Bromley NHS) does not have the funding available to buy the building or an alternative site, lack of investment in the NHS and national planning for property development means funds to build or develop a new location for the surgery cannot be found in the short time left before the building is sold.

Patients will be contacted and helped to move to one of the other GP practices in and near Penge. We are sorry to see the surgery close and seriously concerned that other surgeries across Bromley may face the same situation in the future.

In our alternative budget last month, we proposed that Bromley Council (which has investments of more than £350 million) used unallocated investment funds to buy the building in order to ensure the surgery stayed open. This could be for a time limited period, say five years, which would be long enough for the NHS to secure long term premises. (which was not possible within the relatively brief notice period of the sale of the existing building) You will not be surprised to hear that Bromley Conservatives did not support this proposal. We continue to argue that Bromley Council and the NHS should be doing more to stop surgeries closing and safeguard healthcare services for Penge residents.


N.B. Update-

We understand that letters which were meant to have been sent by the CCG last week have not been sent due to an error.

A meeting for patients organised for today (11th March) has now been cancelled as a result, but a patient engagement meeting organised by the CCG is going ahead on Monday 16th March, 6-7pm at Anerley Town Hall. SE20 8BD.

We are hopeful that a further meeting will be arranged to replace the cancelled one for those who are unable to attend on Monday.

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