One of our pledges during the local election campaign was to try and tackle the lack of affordable, good quality housing to buy and rent in our area.

Since the election we have been working through council committees and at Bromley’s (LBB) Homelessness Forum to try and deliver on our pledge. One area we have focused on is challenging developers who avoid providing the required amount of ‘affordable housing’ of new builds. Many developers use an ‘Independent Viability Study’ to argue that affordable housing isn’t commercially viable for them and instead offer what was called ‘Section 106 money’ (now the ‘Community Infrastructure Levy’) to go towards building affordable housing, in many cases however, the money is used for other purposes than building any housing! Bromley’s housing director has responded by saying that they are now robustly tackling this issue in order that more
affordable units will be built.
We are also liaising closely with Clarion Housing, who have been out with us on visits to local estates to resolve issues such as lack of repairs and responding to our residents. We are supporting Bromley’s Modular housing plans as LBB have identified sites so that good quality housing can be erected quickly and which will enable our residents to stay in Bromley. While they sold off all council housing decades ago LBB are also now committed to identifying empty buildings and land that can be used to meet this housing crisis, they have even indicated they may consider building housing again!

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