Labour Councillors ready to assist residents caught up in the Conservative’s bureaucratic mess

The Tory Government’s ‘Universal Credit’ rolled out in Bromley in recent weeks, replacing Jobseekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance and Income Support.

It’s well known that claimants have to wait at least five weeks for their first Universal Credit payment – and that’s assuming everything goes well. But in areas where the system is now well-established, people have faced obstacles when making applications; delayed payments; and under-payments.

In some cases these delays and confusions have forced vulnerable people even deeper into debt. In the worst cases, claimants have been unable to pay their rent, and have been faced with eviction and homelessness, while waiting for their applications to be processed.

How we can help
Penge Councillors are committed to support local people facing difficulty as a result of
Universal Credit. They will be running surgeries to help residents with applications, and with any obstacles they may encounter. For more information on these surgeries,
contact your local Councillors. 

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