We’re proud to have been elected in May 2018 to represent you!

No matter which party you support, as your Councillors, we will always make sure your voice is heard.

We are working hard to achieve our five pledges to you:

labour-rose  Taking action together to tackle gangs and crime 

We’ll partner with local residents, groups and seek advice from experts to find solutions to prevent gang and criminal activity in Penge and hold the Council and Police to account.

labour-rose   Affordable, good quality housing to buy and rent

We’ll continue to push the council to use their investment funds to build more social and affordable housing in Bromley, raise standards for housing associations and introduce a register of private landlords to ensure the condition, fitness and security of rental properties.

labour-rose  Cleaning up the Council’s mess on our streets

We want to tackle the council’s failure to properly monitor street cleaning and waste collection contracts, to make sure you get the collection contracts, to make sure you get the public services your taxes pay for.

labour-rose  Safer roads and fixing the Council’s parking mess

Instead of waiting until accidents happen, we would listen to local people’s concerns and introduce and enforce road safety measures, including 20mph speed limits, to make our roads safer.

labour-rose  Protecting our NHS and Care services 

We’ll continue to support Labour’s national policies to protect and properly fund our NHS and social care services. We’ll put people before profits and fight to protect vital services from further Tory cuts.

Find out more about your Councillors and how to get in touch.

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