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At July’s meeting of Bromley Council, Penge’s councillors (as part of Bromley’s Labour group) presented our motion calling for the Council’s road safety policy to be reviewed.


Our motion followed many recent reports of accidents on roads around Penge, including many on Thicket Road, Otford Road and Ash Grove Road in recent months, and residents’ concerns of speeding and dangerous drivers. (We’ve had reports of frequent speeding on Maple Road, Oakfield Road, Lennard Road and Kings Hall Road- among many others)

We argued that the Council should be taking more proactive measures to prevent accidents in places where residents are reporting problems, particularly by changing their reliance on Killed and Seriously Injured (KSI) statistics, meaning that accidents in which, by chance, no one was injured aren’t counted when considering where road safety measures should be taken- so nothing will be done until after a particular number of people have been killed or seriously harmed.

We also called for the council to consider a wider range of road safety measures, such as ‘mini-Hollands’ and more 20mph zones (especially around schools). While (as always) the Conservative majority amended our motion for political reasons, they did agree to a more limited review by the Environment Committee.

While Bromley has seen a significant reduction is casualties over the past ten year, more recent trends show a much less positive picture- looking at Transport for London (TfL) figures from 2010 to 2016 shows a slight increase in KSIs, while in 2016, the most recent year data is available for, far from being one of the safest boroughs as the Tories often claim Bromley had the joint 4th highest number of fatalities and joint 2nd highest number of KSI casualties for all outer London boroughs.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s recently announced Vision Zero Action Plan on road safety aims to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries on London’s roads. We will continue to support residents and campaign for changes to try to make Penge’s roads safer and prevent residents coming to harm.

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