Update on the controlled parking zone on roads around Penge East Station


In June, Angus Culverwell, Head of Traffic and Road Safety at Bromley Council was invited to meet with residents and ward councillors to discuss the progress of he
Controlled Parking Zone east of Penge High Street.

A number of points were raised by residents. These included;

PERMITS – The impression was that these were available to residents and not businesses. Since the meeting some businesses have purchased a permit. This was raised with Angus Culverwell at a conference call on July 6th and an update given soon.

HOURS OF USE – For the probationary period permits cost £40 for a 10 – 12 CPZ. Residents felt these hours were inadequate and wanted 8.30 – 18.30. The cost of the permit would increase to £80 but this was generally felt acceptable.

WHITE LINES – These were discussed in relation to dropped kerbs. They can be helpful in detering parking but are not enforceable.

PARKING BAYS – Mr Culverwell agreed that the number of bays may be excessive and this will be looked at. Permit holders do not have to pay extra to park in parking bays.

IMPLEMENTATION – This was due in April but in reality enforcement officers had not begun till May/June

Whilst Mr Culverwell clarified certain points the scheme is in a probationary period. A new consultation with letters sent to all residents will take place in the next couple of months dressing the above concerns. A finalised scheme will then be updated. We will keep you updated but feel free to contact us with any questions.

4 thoughts on “Controlled Parking Update

    1. Thanks for your question- while a majority of residents of these roads originally did not vote in favour of the controlled parking zone, these roads will be part of the consultation in September, to give residents an opportunity to provide feedback and potentially extend the zone if a majority now decide they would want to do so.


  1. I live in Southey Street and people keep parking on the pavement at corner of the high street to go to the cafes there blocking the pavement. When I asked for bollards to be installed (as they are running from the corner down the high st) they said no but no-one enforces the inconsiderate and illegal parking


    1. Hi Ben, we’ll raise this with the council’s enforcement officers- if there is any further detail you think would be useful, please feel free to email me at

      In particular, any further specifics in terms of the days/times this happens most often could be useful.


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