We are delighted that Penge and Cator has elected three Labour Councillors. Here’s a reminder of our key pledges and what we plan to do next

Taking action together to tackle gangs and crime

With the election over, we’re trying to arrange a meeting for new Chief Superintendent of Police, local groups such as SayNo2Knives and residents ASAP, to receive assurances that the police are taking urgent action, build partnerships and then listen to local people and experts on the best strategies to prevent and reduce violence and other criminal activity in our community.

Affordable, good quality housing to buy and rent

We’ll be supporting the Mayor’s’ housing strategy and calling on Bromley council to increase the amount of affordable housing being built, including to use their investment funds to build more social housing. We’ll also be contacting housing associations about issues raised by their tenants and working to propose our plan to introduce a register of private landlords to ensure the condition, fitness and security of rental properties.

Cleaning up the Council’s mess on our streets

We’ll be pressing the council on the failings identified by their internal audit report and scrutinising their failure to properly monitor the contracts for cleaning and bin collection. We’ll act on reports of missed collections and keep raising questions until hopefully we see things improve. We’re also looking at innovative local schemes that could help- more to come!

Safer roads and fixing the Council’s parking mess

We’ll be calling for the council to change their policy and take a joined-up, thought out plan for road safety measures on the most dangerous roads in Penge. Acting on concerns from residents and supporting local action groups, we’ll focus first on campaigning for lower speed limits on some roads (such as those with schools) and measures such as better lighting, crossings and enforcement measures, before more accidents happen.

Protecting our NHS and Care services

We’ll continue to support Labour’s national policies and calls to action to protect and properly fund our NHS and social care services. We’ll oppose further cuts to vital council care services and push for the quality of the service to be given greater importance than the price when renewing care provider contracts.

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