The biggest complaint we get on the doorstep is the poor quality of street cleaning.

Following pressure from Labour Councillors, you can check when your street is scheduled to be cleaned on the Bromley Council website.

We know that one of the main reasons for the poor service is that the contract with the private company doing the work (Kier) simply isn’t being monitored properly by Bromley Council. The Tories are so set on cutting budgets that they are reluctant to replace staff when they leave – the current neighbourhood team responsible for managing street cleaning have only half the
staff they should.

If your street isn’t being cleaned properly, report it on This is the
quickest way to get the problem fixed. It also feeds into the overall statistics and gives us
more ammunition in our campaign for getting you the street cleaning you pay for through your Council Tax.

Working with local residents, your Penge councillors took part in a neighbourhood street cleaning session last year so Bromley Council would give more money to cleaning up Penge. But should this be left down to volunteers? We call on Bromley Council to
take street cleaning in our area seriously.

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