Labour’s Penge and Cator candidates sign up for a Pesticide-Free London


Your Labour candidates for Penge and Cator; Kathy Bance, Kevin Brooks and Simon Jeal, have all signed up to a Pledge for a Pesticide Free London.

Organised by the Pesticide Action Network UK, the pledge for candidates running in the local elections (coming up Thursday 3 May) aims to make London the first UK city to go pesticide free!

The group’s research found that 41 different toxic pesticides were being used in UK towns and cities, being sprayed in parks, playgrounds and other green spaces, road verges, pavements and around shopping centres and schools. These chemicals being used have been linked to an array of health problems, particularly affecting vulnerable groups such as children, pregnant women and the elderly. They also have a devastating impact on the local environment and wildlife. There are lots of non-chemical alternatives available and hundreds of towns and cities around the world have already banned pesticides. Many towns and cities that have already gone pesticide-free! (Examples here and here)

By pledging to make their borough pesticide-free, Kathy, Kevin and Simon are committed to supporting this campaign if they are elected onto Bromley council and to undertaking at least some of the following activities:

* Encourage the council to undertake trials and pilot schemes for non-chemical alternatives to pesticides.

* Attend the free PAN UK Pesticide-Free London Workshop on 29th June 2018 to hear more about the practicalities of how to end pesticide use in Bromley, or attend a follow up workshop or webinar organised by PAN UK.

* Submit a motion or organise a full council debate on the subject of making the borough pesticide free

* Support the council’s parks and green spaces managers to go pesticide-free.

* Work with council officers to plant pesticide-free urban wildflower meadows to create a haven for bees and other wildlife.

* Promote existing good work being undertaken by council officers to reduce pesticide use, including publicising any areas within the borough that are already pesticide-free.

* Promote the concept of a pesticide-free borough to other elected members of the council and to colleagues in Labour-controlled Lewisham Council.

* Communicate with Penge and Cator residents about the benefits of going pesticide free, including through of their work organising the annual ‘Penge in Bloom’ competition.

* Engage with members of the local business community and local groups in Penge to encourage them to manage land under their control without the use of pesticides.

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