Labour Councillor Kevin Brooks successfully leads campaign to save Melvin Hall

Screenshot (128)

Your local Labour Councillors have always seen it as a priority to protect community assets in Penge. Melvin Hall is one of those assets: a friendly meeting place which for
years provided practical assistance and support for elderly and vulnerable residents.

When Melvin Hall was threatened with closure by Bromley Council, Labour Councillor Kevin Brooks led the campaign to save it, working with Kathy Bance and a fantastic team of supporters in the community.

Together they have not only saved Melvin Hall, but made it into a successful community centre, organising and running activities for all ages, from nursery to the elderly. It gives special support to local people with learning difficulties, and to those who have become isolated.

If Kathy, Kevin and Simon are elected as Penge’s Labour Councillors, they will continue to support community assets such as Melvin Hall, for the benefit of all Penge residents.

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