Bromley Tories contract out many services and pride themselves on managing them well, but the reality is very different. It can be difficult to find out how contracts
are being managed – much of this is shrouded in “commercial confidentiality” – but published audit reports reveal the murky truth.

Here are some recent examples:

  • Following allegations by a whistleblower, it was found that there was serious malpractice in Parking Services. The report found “the malpractice occurred over a
    significant period, unnoticed and unchecked”. Bromley appealed against publication of this report, but it was finally published on the Council website in November 2017, when their appeal failed.
  • The Street Works contract was found to have inadequate contract monitoring, no records of formal meetings with the contractor and failure to comply with contract procedure rules & financial regulations.
  • During 2017, Labour Councillors pressed for an audit of the management of the Street Cleaning contract. After a lot of pressure this was agreed, but not till AFTER the May election. What can Bromley Council have to hide?

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