Government cuts have seriously reduced police services in Penge.

In recent years gang-related postcode violence in our ward has increased and has become a serious problem which needs to be addressed. However, within weeks of the fatal stabbing of a Penge teenager, the police counter in Maple Road was closed.

Your local Labour councillors believe that Penge and Cator should be a priority ward
within Bromley and needs a stronger police presence. Instead of continued cuts to youth
services, as we have seen over the past four years, we need an increase. A dedicated
strategy to prevent young people joining gangs is also required, but practical support
from Bromley Council has so far been sadly limited.
Your Penge Labour councillors continue to fight for better police services for our local
area. Report crime or antisocial behaviour in your area to or meet your Safer Neighbourhoods Team at Penge East Community Centre every Wednesday from 11.00 to 12.00.

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