Hear from Dylan Evans about why he is campaigning for Labour in Penge

Growing up for the last 16 years in Penge and Cator has brought with it an array of unique experiences that come with living in one of the most diverse corners of South East London.

Unfortunately, I am also aware of the variety of problems that exist within our area. The failures of Tory austerity and Bromley Council are noticeable in many areas. The lack of a functioning local education authority has led to problems in our schools, exacerbated by drastic funding cuts by the government. The closure of the police counter on Maple Road is another serious consequence, at a time when knife crime is rising across London.

Many young people also have no hope of remaining in the area due to the lack of house
building that has seen rocketing prices across the whole of the borough. These are all failures that have an effect on both young people and the wider community.

The re-election of three Labour councillors in Penge and Cator, and hopefully winning seats elsewhere in Bromley can send a clear message to the Council that we are not satisfied with the way things have been done in the past and that we want them to change.

Whether it will be your first time voting in May or you are a seasoned voter, if you care about the future of this area, I urge you to cast your votes for our three dedicated Labour candidates.

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