The number of affordable homes being built in Bromley is one of the lowest of all London boroughs. At the same time, it is currently taking more than two years to be able to get a housing association tenancy through Bromley council.

As a result, over 1,200 Bromley residents are in temporary accommodation. The majority of this is far outside of the borough, and is overcrowded and often substandard. Children are having to travel far across London to get to school and families are left without support networks.

The council is paying millions for temporary accommodation – more than double the average increase across London boroughs. Not providing affordable homes is costing the
council huge amounts of taxpayers’ money, whilst putting local families at risk of homelessness. The number of people in Penge and Cator either sofa surfing or on the streets has dramatically increased and the use of  foodbanks and homeless shelters has also risen.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Labour councillors call on Bromley council to increase social and affordable housing provision within the borough of Bromley.

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