Bromley council has signed up to a Government pilot scheme that means you will need to take identity documents with you to be able to vote in the Council elections on 3rd May.

To be able to vote- you will need to bring a photo ID (such as a passport, driving licence or Freedom Pass) or two other documents from a list including your polling card, debit or credit card, birth certificate, a recent bank statement, utility or council tax bill. One of the documents (such as the polling card) must show the address you are registered to vote at.

While we agree preventing fraud in voting is important, your Labour councillors have heard of no evidence that this is a problem in Bromley and we are worried that these requirements could lead residents being unfairly prevented from voting.

If you are worried you or your family might not be able to provide the documents, you can make sure you keep your vote by registering for a postal vote or applying for a certificate of identity.

For more information on these requirements, go to and search ‘Voter ID’ or ‘Postal Vote’, or feel free contact us using the details below.

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