Labour’s vision for a better Bromley

Labour Councillors put forward an alternative to the Conservative’s agenda of cuts and poor public services for residents when Bromley council adopted its budget for 2018.

Sadly, but unsurprisingly, our proposals were once again rejected by the councils’ Conservative majority, but the Labour group presented our proposals for better services and prioritising Bromley residents over council profits.

Our budget accepted the same overall increase in council tax as the Tories; key proposals include the following key commitments (costed and funded from Investment and Save to spend funds):

  • To establish a special purpose vehicle in order to build new council /social housing
  • Set up register of landlords and act to protect private rented tenants / improve housing conditions
  • Stop buying commercial properties outside Bromley and invest in people and services
  • Introduce London Living Wage for all council staff and all new/renewed contracts
  • Invest in prevention / early intervention / public health / food hygiene teams
  • Full audit of all contracts >£250k to ensure proper management/monitoring / ‘savings’
  • Implement road safety measures / 20 MPH limits at schools / air pollution monitoring
  • Introduce business recycling

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