A packed meeting of local members has selected three excellent candidates to stand in next year’s local elections.

Ahead of May 2018’s elections for Local Councillors in Bromley, the Penge and Cator Labour party has selected three candidates for the three ward councillors. Congratulations to Kathy Bance, Kevin Brooks and Simon Jeal. Next May will be also be time to say a grateful farewell to  Peter Fookes as local Councillor, as he has decided not to stand again after over 30years.

A full meeting room of local Labour party members heard from an excellent shortlist of 6 candidates for the three seats. Each candidate spoke briefly about why they want to be a Councillors and then answered members’ questions, covering local campaigning, community work, casework, Bromley’s outsourcing policy and Labour leadership.

There was clear, strong support to re-select the current two Councillors, Kathy and Kevin, as candidates again given the excellent work they have done for Penge and Cator over the last four years.

However, members were split between the remaining candidates for the final seat, but selected Simon as the preferred candidate. This was a testament to both the high quality of all the shortlisted candidates and huge contribution Simon has already made to the local Labour party.

You’ll be hear a lot more from all three in the coming months!

For more about current councillors, visit the Councillors’ Page.

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